From years of experience I have had my issues with front doors, subject to location of fitting your lovely front door, I am writing this blog as an advisory and it may be of assistance in making your choice of door.

Wood plastic or composite, they all have their place, and of course pecking order, my preference is wood. The reason for this is I continually remove plastic and composite doors due to their deterioration and I firmly believe that you do not get the life span that you are entitled to. The reason for this is that there is no facility to maintain a plastic or composite door.

However as in the title love or hate, subject to location, I always make it clear to my customers who are looking to purchase an engineered oak veneer door that if they are south facing and do not have a porch then an oak door is not the one for them.

The sun can be merciless and in no time destroy the appearance of the door.  The direct sunlight can shrink the veneer and create a split in the surface of the door and if you are not proactive to catch this defect and let this slip then the door will be ruined in no time. The problem when the veneer is open is that it could do two things. It can allow the moisture content to change, as the door is no longer sealed, this will possibly make the door lose shape or warp. Secondly on the facia where the door has split and not been sealed the defect will allow water / rain to enter the door core. This will ruin the door in no time, it will create the veneer to peel away from the core and will travel around the face side of the door. The result is not particularly nice to see and it upsets me when this happens.  This can be avoided if caught in time.

My personal advice to anyone considering an oak door which is south facing, with no protection, no canopy or porch,  then don’t buy an engineered door for you home. You would be disappointed if the door breaks down on you and gives poor appearance.

B.D.JOINERY will not guarantee any engineered oak door if no canopy or porch is on your home for protection of the said door.

Maintenance is very important to keep the door in tip top condition, if you want the appearance of your door to look lovely then a canopy and a porch is a must. This will give you the appearance you desire. If you consider any lady with lovely hair I will have a bet she has her hair done on a regular basis. The old adage you only get what you put into it is true when looking after your personal front door, it will give you a good return if you are good with the door.

It’s very important to make sure the door is covered on all sides top and bottom [bottom is very important] both sides back and front.  As for the bottom, I have seen doors look lovely, all done, even done by professional painters, but miss the bottom of the door and believe me this is the most vulnerable area to consider, just consider the door is battered with all manner of weather conditions, rain in particular, where does the water go, one direction, south to the bottom of the door, and if the door has no protection then there goes the quality appearance.

This the nature of the engineered door and this is why we will not entertain any water defect issues if no canopy or porch is in place.

I think some thought has to go into purchasing an engineered veneered door, do you have a porch, or a canopy at the very least. If not you could be purchasing a headache in the future. I only tell you this as I do not want to see any customer part up with their hard earned cash, particularly if you are not active and maintain your door. If you don’t maintain then don’t be disappointed if your door lets you down. What’s the answer…… If you want wood then bespoke solid is the only way to go. Even then you can have issues, any wood door will move until it’s gone through what I would call seasons.  The door has to settle and get used to good old British weather conditions when we get it, and the poor old door has to learn to cope with them all. It will expand in the winter and shrink in the summer.  We have to be careful in the winter, if we reduce the door as it may have expanded, which is only natural, then it has to be done just right. If you reduce too much it can shrink in summer then the gaps are uneven, but this can be put right with adjusting the hinges.

Summing up, the decision to select a door for your home has to be given some thought. Ask yourself will you care for your door,  I say it’s such an easy job to maintain but if you have a busy schedule and can’t do so yourself, would you get a decorator to do it for you?  These are the considerations you should ask yourself.

I often get asked on every purchase how often should I maintain the door.  I can only answer how long is a piece of string. I have no wish to give poor advice however a good guidance would be the following. Has the door lost its sheen or does the facia grain feel rough and dry. If your door has got to this stage then the poor door is screaming for attention. I would advise that you stain and polish as soon as possible as the door sounds like it has been weathered out.

Your door is the 1st call / point of entry if in you are considering selling your home.  Believe me nothing impresses more than a good looking door and any couple looking to purchase your beautiful home will be impressed with your beautiful door, which is a great starting point.

Thank you for taking time to read this blog and I hope it has been of assistance.


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