After much thought and initial research bdjoinery decided to design and build our own range of Premier Front Doors. These doors are built to our own high specification and knowledge of many years in the door and joinery industry.

We put together a list below of few of the reasons why we believe our Premiere Range of Front Doors exceeds the quality of many if not all of our competitors while remaining extremely competitive in pricing. These front doors are designed to last for many years if looked after and protected.

1 Our oak engineered premier range of front doors are by far heavier and more robust than many of our suppliers front doors and designed to take many years of use and attack from the elements.

2 The inner core of our front doors are made from the same oak engineered wood as the outer facia, this also makes our oak doors eco friendly, as the inner wood, rather than being scrapped is used to make the door core. This is because the inner wood is not up to facia standard, due to dark colours and has the occasional knot, by comparison our competitors use primarily soft wood.

3 On the side and the top and bottom of our Premier Oak range of front doors, we allow for a 20mm x 44 mm grade ‘A’ lippings this allows for a lot of trimming if required to accommodate different sized frames and doorways.

4 Our facials veneer is 2.5 times thicker than any of our suppliers doors, and often our doors are 4.5 times thicker than many other suppliers front doors.

These are just a few of the strongest reasons bdjoinery ltd. stepped up to producing our own doors as we believe we have seen the quality of door build deteriorate over the last few years.

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