BD Joinery made this arched door and frame for a local customer in South end Essex where we are based .
As you can see if you click on the image, we created a bespoke arch, which is quite a laborious and detailed task. All arch work requires a site visit if it is an old building and the builders do not have a template to forward to show how the brickwork form was made.

These are little details to consider when the job is priced as arch work can be expensive and not an added cost customers are aware of.

The customer had explained his budget was running very tight and as usual the door can be sometimes be the last job on the customer or clients mind.

We were going to make a solid bespoke hardwood door, unfortunately the funds just were not there to allow us to progress. With some thought we were able to save the day, and if you look close you will see we did use a standard off the shelf door. If you can work out what BD JOINERY did to save the customer money, and demonstrate to us you have read our blog.

If you order a door from us with a frame , BDJOINERY will give you a complete standard furniture set free of charge for your door and frame order subject to you the customer tell us what we did.