Customer service and quality are our priorities

At Best Doors Joinery our two highest priorities are quality and customer service. A purchase of a new hardwood door is an exciting thing; there are so many different styles and options that you can have your door exactly how you want it – traditional or contemporary, light oak or stained black, glazed or solid, vertical or horizontal, and so on. Choice is wonderful, but it can also be confusing – although I build and work with these doors every day, many of my customers have no prior experience of buying a hardwood door and need a helping hand when deciding what will be the best option for their home. Having been in the industry for more years than I care to mention, I take genuine pleasure in talking people through the various options and giving them the opportunity to come to my workshop and see the doors being made for them. Today I have been putting together a Premier door package, with a side light each side, and a stable door for a lovely couple who have been here twice in one day to decide on the options for their door and watch it being constructed, with all of the separate sections numbered and ready to put together. It was a nice half an hour to give them advice on what locks would be best for them, and in the end they decided on sash locks with a 5 lever dead lock; both locks with key match for their convenience. Although we are busy in the workshop I have personally had the pleasure of serving three customers today, and I do enjoy being able to have a good chat and give them the best of my knowledge. Happily, all three purchased what they wanted on the back of our chat. One couple I spoke to, I advised which locks they would be best going with, which was not a lock package that we stock at Best Doors (although we stock quite a range, there are many different locks out there for all sorts of doors). I sent them to a very good lock shop local to Southend, Essex – Grove Fittings in Leigh-on-Sea. We get a bit of a discount for our customers if people mention our name (why not?). The couple who were in the lock shop phoned for a little more advice and after a slight delay while I was gluing their door, I gave the advice re: the locks and the handles, all to the shopkeeper so as not to create any confusion. The customer then returned to my workshop to look at their door and to show me the furniture they had bought – a lovely set of black iron door furniture and very high quality. As per discussion with the customer, it was agreed by both parties that I would prime and undercoat the door – a service Best Doors offer with our pre-finish as well as our pre-hang service. The customer then informed me the door was to be finished in black, which must have caused me to pull a bit of a face as a paused for a second, as it prompted the lady to ask me what the problem was. I said that they had bought lovely black furniture for their door, which once painted black would not show the detail or quality of the furniture they had paid for. The penny dropped and we both agreed it would be better to get the furniture in a pewter colour, which would give the finished door great contrast and give them a real wow factor. Speaking to our customers in person and giving them the benefit of our experience gives them a better product. We enjoy doing it and it separates us from the large sheds and multiples that usually do not know and often do not care what they are giving their customers; it is simply something to be picked off the shelf. We believe that the quality we offer FAR surpasses anything that you could get from stores like this, most of whom would not know where or how the products they are selling were made. If you want a quality door that will last you and provide good value for money, there is no substitute for an independent who knows and cares about the products they are making and will want to build a longstanding relationship with its customers and keep them happy. We are called Best Doors because we believe that we offer the best service, the best quality and will do our best for you, the customer. Whatever your requirements, however bespoke, we aim to please and will give you the best of our knowledge and experience.