Broxbourne, Hertford

This was a job completed by BD Joinery in Broxbourne Hertford. The customer came to our workshop/showroom to view our doors. The client was a building contractor and it was not until after the project was complete that we were privy to this information although this was a personal project for the client standards were still very high.

When we came to measure the old door, we were impressed by a very large antique door knocker on the existing hardwood door. To be honest we were hoping that when the door was scrapped we might claim the knocker for ourselves and mount it in our showroom as an interesting object and the spoils of a successful project. My assistant Matt also had similar plans for it. To our dismay, the customer also still had his eye on the knocker which we all found amusing.

The job included a solid bespoke oak frame and two Apostle doors, one for the main door and the other for a matching side light, which was an expensive route for side light. Although the finished appearance was well worth the cost for a splendid looking oak door, solid highlight and oak frame.
The apostle design comes from our Premiere Range and is an excellent choice for a very contemporary looking door. The job here was done on a very traditionally styled home giving the customer the exact look he was after as judged by the testimonial below.

“I just wanted to tell you how pleased both my wife and I are with the finished door, its superb! I have to say from start to finish you have been brilliant and I really want to thank you. I also want to thank Matt on doing a fantastic job, he took his time and I don’t believe he could have done a better job if he tried and a nice fella as well. Happy to be a reference point should you need one. Cheers” Tony Dods

B.D.JOINERY Are in the process of producing the Apostle door in Part L Compliant.
We believe this is one of the best Part L Compliant Doors available to purchase off the shelf.
Best quality oak contemporary door we have using solid oak boards compared to veneers made and supplied by others.

As you can see from the interior shot below, the new door perfectly matched the existing interior of the house. BD Joinery are very attentive to all finishing details and make sure that any holes, lost plaster and skirting are made good leaving the customer a quality finished job that they can move on to decorate as they like. BD Joinery is always available to return to a job and put right any movement or expansion that should occur as the door settles into its new home. Wood is a beautiful natural product but is subject to change when moved from different environments or exposed to extreme weather. BD Joinery advises and sometimes insist on the best ways to protect new doors from the elements.