Fitting area
Our fitting area is currently being reviewed

After recent discussions here at Best Doors we are of a mind to limit the area we offer our fitting service to around the M25. The reason for this is that a good many of the jobs where our fitters are traveling a lot of miles to attend are not economically viable – for us or our customers – as they are very minor compared to the hours and cost of travel to get there.

An example the other day saw Matt, one of the best fitters in the company, spending most of a day traveling many miles to repair a door lock with a squirt of WD40. The lock in question had dried up and the pack grease in the lock had hardened, leaving the poor old owner rightly concerned at how she had to slam the door to get it to close.

We are always happy to help our customers and Matt particularly is an easy-going lad with a very nice disposition, but common sense says that the cost of attending such a distant job to provide a squirt of oil release fluid isn’t sustainable or sensible. In these cases, using a local fitter makes sense.

There are some very good tradesmen out there and dare I say who, being local to you, would probably be able to fit or carry out maintenance jobs for a lesser figure than we would be able to provide. It makes sense both for us as a company and you as a customer.

As such we plan to limit the distance we will provide a fitting service for our hardwood front doors to the area around the M25, ensuring that we can offer the best possible price for fitting to customers where the service is offered. I have no wish to shoot myself in my foot and lose work, but common sense has to prevail. We will continue to offer our pre-hang service as per the norm, although if you are getting a local fitter out to fit the door then it may be worth getting them to do this for you while they are there – there’s no reason to pay twice.

We always try to offer our customers the best possible service and these changes are another way to help us do that. Any fitting outside of this area that is already arranged will of course be honoured – we’ll never leave you stuck. If you have any concerns just give me a call.