Do you need the pre-hang service?
Do you need the pre-hang service?

At Best Doors we offer a pre-hang service to our customers, but as per a previous blog post it may not always be cost-effective to take advantage of the service. If you are fitting the door yourself (and this is not for the faint hearted – our Premier range of contemporary doors are very heavy and a two-man lift), then it can be an excellent option, but if you are having a fitter install your new door then you may find it costs you more, as by paying the fitter and for the pre-hang option you are effectively paying twice (most fitters would expect to do the complete job while they are there anyway).

The pre-hang service takes a lot of the hard work out of the job for the competent DIY fitter, as we fit the locks, hinges, letter plate and back plate. If you are having a building job on your home, e.g. an extension or a refurbish, then having all the locks, hinges etc fitted by us makes sense, but if it’s only a replacement door and frame and you are employing a carpenter for the day it makes more sense to let them do it for you – if you get a carpenter in for the day then you are already paying his day rate and he would expect to do all of the scribing, lock fitting and hinges anyway. It is very unlikely that he will charge you less if you have already spent money getting Best Doors Joinery to do these jobs in our workshop.

Discouraging customers from going for the pre-hang service when they don’t need to might seem a little silly – by doing so we are losing out on some business – but I would much prefer that we are totally upfront with our customers and try to give them the best value possible. The doors we offer follow this principle, with veneer that is 2.5 / 3mm thick (several times that of our competitors and more than enough to allow for drum sanding), and fantastic lippings of 20mm both sides, top and bottom, meaning they can be easily scribed to fit irregular frames.

If you do decide to opt for our pre-hang service you can be assured that you will get the very best quality finish; all work is done precisely and neatly in our workshop with the correct jigs for the task.

In addition to the pre-hang, we also offer a pre-finish service and this in my opinion makes great sense. We are also specially set up for this in our workshop, and will ensure that the door is thoroughly sealed and coated up with the colour and 4 top coats – all sides and top and bottom. If you are coating the door yourself please make sure you also coat the BOTTOM of the door – if we have ever had a problem with a door in the past it is 99% because it has not been properly coated.

If you are coating your beautiful contemporary oak door yourself we strongly advise to stain, colour or paint with a micro-porous product, not water-based or Danish oil as per our T&Cs. The door must always be sealed straight away – wood is a natural material and so can be affected by moisture. If you leave your wood door exposed to the elements and untreated for a week or more it is not fair on the door and can cause problems that are easily averted by sealing properly straight away.

Please click here for a guide on caring your hardwood door and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.