B.D. Joinery had the pleasure in making this solid bespoke door and hardwood door frame for a customer in Greenwich London.
The door frame was made from hardwood bespoke to save the customer money on the cost as the Sapele is a cheaper species if timber to purchase compared to the cost of solid European white oak.

As you can see I think you will agree the job turned out rather well, it was the Greenwich conservation area, therefore we had to do like for like, but with a little upgrade to allow for one or two beneficial enhancements:

  1. We made the door 55 mm thick as to a standard 45 mm thick door
  2. This allowed for a deeper rebate in the glazing section which in turn allowed us to get a better quality double glazed units in the door

The benefits are better insulation, less noise and also very good security as the door is thicker.

With regards to glazing we at BD Joinery will always try to replace the glazing side of any job we do to be updated, to a better standard as to bigger cavity, Swiss spacer bar, argon fill soft coat finish, this is an eco product and will help conserve energy [heat in your home ], this will pay off eventually and save you on expensive heating bills.