GRP Composite Doors

If you have been looking to purchase a new front door from Front Door Shop or any of the other door companies out there you may be experiencing a difficult time in getting the door design you like, especially if you a looking for a Veneered Door.

Reason being most suppliers are now dropping OAK VENEERED DOORS. This is due to the many problems inherent in looking after veneered front doors.

We believe most manufacturers are now realising they are more trouble than they are worth and moving towards GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) or Composite Doors.

As you all know if you have read my blogs I have tried to hammer home door protection is the most important issue. A door canopy or a porch is required to give a veneered door a chance of survival in the British climate.

I myself have labels in my premier range saying NO PORCH OR CANOPY NO GUARANTEE. As hard as it may sound it’s a fact and I have made it a rule to tell customers if you can’t comply then I do not wish to sell you a door without the proper protection.

Typical Damage to a Veneer Door.


Veneer Doors

MAINTENANCE is paramount. Coating the door in the proper manner, I have said before in prior blogs. Cover top to bottom and both sides with a good quality product with UV PROTECTION.

Direct sunshine takes no prisoners. If the veneer dries and cracks, moisture contacts behind the veneer the poor door is not going to look very pretty after a very short space of time.

GRP Doors look great and are virtually Bomb Proof when it comes to bad weather, protection, and longevity. If you are not wanting to do maintenance on your front door then a GRP Door is the best option and will look great for years to come.

The door comes to us as a blank door we can provide a solid made bespoke frame apply all the locks and hinges business as usual.

However for the customer who wants real wood then we can make solid wood doors as we are hands-on carpenters, but we are of the mind now to be making paint grade doors in Accoya a fantastic timber great longevity lasts a lifetime.

I will discuss in more detail in my next memo.


Thanks for reading Brian front door shop.