High security keep
High security keep from Best Doors Joinery

As promised, here is a little more detail on my new high security mortice door keep, which will help to secure our doors against burglary. The new security keep is something that is exclusive to Best Doors Joinery, as it is something I have developed in response to the damage we frequently see when attending the scene of break-ins.

In the vast majority of cases, the door itself is not what gives way in a burglary (particularly those involving hardwood front doors). Instead, it is the frame that is the weak point, with lock keeps buckled and torn out of low quality frames. What once looked a perfectly good frame is now a splintered mess.

No-one ever thinks it is going to happen to them and most people will choose their door and frame purely on the basis of looks and cost, but domestic burglary is more common than you might think – it was reported on the news today that there is a burglary every 48 seconds in England alone. Many of these could’ve been prevented with better security, as the burglar will simply give up or move on to an easier target.

The mortice check plate / keep we have developed is a significant upgrade in security from a standard keep. At 45.5cm high x 3.5cm wide, it is much larger and sturdier than regular keeps. Made from 0.6mm stainless steel plate, it is designed to be recessed into our custom hardwood frames, preventing movement or failure should anyone try to force the door.

The security keep will take a lot of punishment and I believe it would be enough to make the average burglar give up, provided that the rest of your security was up to scratch. It’s a small and easy choice to make when you install your door, and for that small amount of effort you will be rewarded with much higher security.

In many cases, people tend to get lax with security – leaving the night latch on instead of using the deadlock, reasoning “Oh, I’m only going out for 5 minutes, it will be fine.” This is particularly crazy when you think that the deadlock key is almost certainly on the same key ring you use for the night latch.

A small effort or a little more investment when first purchasing your door, such as opting for a hardwood frame rather than a cheap softwood alternative, can make all the difference when you need it. If you are purchasing a door from our Premier Range you are buying a superior door, so it makes sense to use a top quality frame and secure door furniture.

Our new high security keep design is pictured above, but if you would like to see it in person, along with examples of our Premier Range of doors and bespoke hardwood frames, then call into our workshop (please could you ring first to make sure we are not out on a job).