BD Joinery have removed many plastic doors in our time, to replace with timber frames and doors, bespoke or off the shelf .
However we have never removed a brand new plastic door or frame, as we have done on this job.

When asked what the problem was, the customer put his hand on the centre of the door and just gave a little push on the doors.
The whole frame and doors just swayed as they had not been fixed to the brick work correctly. I have to say myself the job was a disgrace to say the least.

We were surprised to say the least to be asked to replace the plastic double doors with a new bespoke frame and door. We laboured on this for some time as it involved creating a very big arch.

The doors were a pleasure to build and the customer was very happy when the job was completed
I have applied a few images for you to look at and I hope they are of interest to you.