Forgive me while I rant about stock delays and price increases.

I’m finding it difficult to keep up with prices at present as material in the building trade has SKYROCKETED, it’s alarming.

2021 has been an odd year… Plaster and cement were out of stock for a moment and timber & glass are getting more expensive by the day.

Glass is a pain, pardon the pun, however, it’s the cause of most door manufacture delays… it’s just not as available as it normally is.

Even though these supply chain issues are causing many door manufacturers a delay, I can only apologise via my own company but believe me it’s not for the want of trying to get materials.

We have a small workshop, which, works well in normal, but with any delay to material, it’s causing a backlog.

Will we ever get back to normality ???

The fact is, these delays bog us down as we have too many doors and frames in the workshop [not good collateral damage waiting to happen.]

So to all my customers, please bear with us as the slowdown is very trying and it will be sorted.

The cost

Material costs have risen since. Where does the fault lay regarding cost increases, is it Brexit, is it China, is it Covid-19 ???

I’m told from door suppliers, containers from the far East coming into the U.K. has tripled in price.
Since Brexit, it seems Europe playing a game with us regarding transport and of course, Covid-19 has delayed many materials from being made.

All I know is that the increases are through no fault of most door manufacturers, it’s just the hike up on material cost.

So we have to grin and bear it.

Anyway, thank you for reading my moan.

Please keep safe and I hope you stay well

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