New Best Doors logo
The new Best Doors logo

Best Doors Joinery are pleased to announce that our new website will be launching imminently. As per a previous blog post, the site will be showcasing our new Premier range of doors – a premium range of engineered oak core doors with contemporary styling.

We have been unable to find a higher spec door on the market; in our opinion only a solid oak door really compares. Doors from the Premier range are certainly as good as any solid oak front door – a fact hinted at by their weight and robustness. A Premier range door is a two-man lift and not for the faint hearted to fit.

We’ve blogged about the Premier range before when discussing value for money in wood doors. As mentioned, our veneers are 2.5 / 3mm thick, with allowance to be made for drum sanding to finish size (so may vary slightly). The thickness of the veneer, over 4 times thicker than many competitor doors, results in a higher quality, more durable end product that can stand whatever is thrown at it and be repeatedly sanded down if necessary. The edges – both sides, top and bottom – also have 20mm lippings, allowing more flexibility when fitting to an irregular opening.

Regarding the new website, the look of the site has been recreated from the ground up for a more modern, contemporary style (reflecting the doors themselves). To match the new look our logo has been redesigned, with a small door emblem in the B – it takes a second or two to catch on.

Our move to contemporary styling has been driven by market demand; we are now generally asked for clean, modern doors in oak more often than the classic panel design. This seems to be following a trend of making the front door the focal point of a house, with design that stands out, rather than an after-thought. We would naturally agree that a good quality contemporary front door is well worth the investment for the difference it makes to your home’s façade. The designs we have created here at Best Doors for our Premier range are being well-received by our customers – I think the fact that you are getting an exclusive design rather than a mass-produced door that is sold by many door companies is a big reason for that.

As always, we are have to show you our range of doors in our showroom. Feel free to come along and have a look at the work that goes into producing them, but please be advised to phone prior to a visit as we may be out of a fit. Many thanks.