A job bdjoinery ltd is very proud to put their name to, the customers were a retired couple and the lady of the home was as sharp as a tack.
Her husband was a cabinet maker, of all the trades to be in! We knew we were up against the best. We felt we had to put on a good show although we need not have worried as this is our standard of work at all times. Both Matt and I have a rule of thumb if it’s not good enough for us to appreciate the finish, then it’s not good enough for any customer. So what you see is the standard we work to at all times nothing less will do.

This door is one of our Oak Premier Range of doors, and the frame is solid oak, bespoke with two opener windows fitted with friction hinges.
All the glazing was toughened double glazed units with warm Swiss bar soft coat finish and argon filled [ better for insulation and U Values.

It was fitted on a particularly cold day and the gentleman of the house kept Matt and I topped up with tea and homemade bread pudding , I think we took a little longer to this job , as we enjoyed the service tea and bread pudding.
On completion, the customers were very happy with the whole job. The customer asked if we could put mouldings on the inside , and as a courtesy, we did this.

I had to run off the oak mouldings in the workshop and return to the job to fit the mouldings without a problem, alas though the bread pudding was finished.