At The Front Door shop, we pride ourselves on the quality of our product and the quality of our workmanship. Like any small to medium business we live or die on word of mouth referrals and the honesty with which we talk to people.

With that in mind, we are often frustrated with the way the innocent customer making a purchase of a new front door are told ‘Yes’ when they ask if the door is solid wood. This is the door industry playing with words as they do in other industries like the food industry saying Sugar-Free etc.

This is a blatant lie, something the Front Door Shop does not hold with or ever does.

When customers are making an enquiry about front doors they will ask, is the door a solid door,  and most are told yes. What a customer should be asking is, is this door solid oak. Then let us hear the answer given. Replies to enquiries of this sort are often very ambiguous and words are twisted.

At the front door shop, we believe it is unfair for the customer to be told that a door is solid when frankly it is a composite engineered door. These doors are fine in our opinion, but that is not the point. A quick mathematical calculation reveals that you cannot buy a solid oak door for £200-£400. The average door is nearly four cube feet of 2” solid timber. 4 cube at £58.00 per cube is £232 no labour or logistics is into consideration at that price.

Need we say more, as we say the engineered doors are fine, but must be in the correct location and can be subject to major future problems if not looked after correctly.

In the next blog article, we will be looking at what those pitfalls are and how to look after a door.