doors 017Welcome to the new Best Doors Joinery website. As you can see, the site has been totally revamped to show off the doors more clearly and effectively. In particular, the images of the doors themselves have been markedly improved, with all-new photography of our Premier Range, plus close-ups of the door furniture we offer – including hinges, locks, latches and letter plates.

The close-up shots give you a much better idea of the quality of the products, with an example being the hinges. We now offer four inch security hinges as part of our pre-hang arrangement for your peace of mind, as an upgrade from our standard four inch ball race hinge. The security hinges are a little more expensive and involve a little more labour to fit, but we think it can be worth that little bit extra to make your door as secure as possible.

Whether you go for the standard or security hinge, you will be getting a robust, quality hinge as the strength is required to support our Premier Range of doors. As they have a solid oak core they are a two man lift and so not the easiest door in the world to fit, but they are very secure and stable once in place, and in our opinion a far better door than any we have had to purchase from our suppliers.

As previously mentioned, our pre-hang may not be for everyone, but we are happy to fit any furniture arrangement you have in mind.