Best Doors Joinery is very pleased to announce a new addition to our Premier range of oak engineered doors.
The Oban (named after the lovely location in Scotland) is a door that has an extremely pleasing look, effectively mixing the contemporary and traditional, making it suitable for a wide variety of homes. In my opinion it would complement a new build just as effectively as a period property.
We will be adding the door to the site shortly with accompanying pictures, but in the meantime we can tell you that it is a vertical board design, running from top to bottom. As with the rest of the Premier range, the Oban features a solid engineered oak core, and has 20×44 solid oak lippings on both sides and top and bottom. This thickness of lipping allows for a bit more flexibility when you are fitting the door and keeps everything very rigid and stable.
Also in common with the rest of the Premier range, the Oban’s quality construction means that it is heavier than a regular door and is unsuitable for cheap, flatpack frames. If your existing frame is not of sufficient quality to hold the door, please ask about our bespoke solid oak door frames.
We’re very proud of the Oban (and the rest of our Premier range) and we invite you to visit our workshop to see it in person. However, I must warn you that not many people who see our doors in the flesh leave empty handed! I jest, of course, but we would be very happy to give you a guided tour and show you around our range and how it is made.