The Premier Plus range will be Part L compliant
The Premier Plus range will be Part L compliant

Front Door Shop is pleased to announce that we will be introducing Part L certified hardwood doors to our range very shortly.

Part L of the Building regulations in the UK relates to the conservation of fuel and power – in short being energy efficient and preventing heat leaking out of a home, either through air gaps or through the door itself. As well as being a desirable quality in a door, Part L compliance is now a requirement for new builds, so is becoming increasingly important.

In early 2014 we will be launching a new range of Part L certified doors – the Premier Plus range. This range will be our best yet and in our opinion the best engineered oak door available either on-the-shelf or off-the-shelf.

So, what is the difference with our Part L / Premier Plus range? All of the doors in this range will use solid oak board fascias no less than 10mm thick – compare this to other doors on the market with veneers as little as 0.5mm thick and you can instantly tell that this is a premium product.

As well as 10mm fascias, Premier Plus doors will also have 20mm solid oak lippings top and bottom and on either side, allowing for flexibility when fitting and making the door extremely robust. We also intend to fit solid timber bars inside the constructed core, so as to easily allow a letter plate to be fitted – on jobs where we have fitted door furniture to other suppliers’ doors with less than 1mm of veneer we have seen cases where the insulation has been exposed, leaving the door susceptible to perishing in poor weather conditions. No good at all!

The Premier Plus range of contemporary oak doors will be produced in 915 x 1981mm. This wider than standard size is getting very popular with our customers who often prefer to replace an old door and its side panel(s) with an extra wide door. The additional width gives a door even more WOW factor, and we are happy to oblige by increasing the size of the doors in our range.

Look out for our Part L Premier Plus range of doors on the website soon – in the meantime if you require a door for any sized opening we can make one bespoke for you in our workshop – please give us a call to discuss your requirements.