Recycle old door locks for charity
When you get a new front door please consider donating your old door locks

I have often wondered what to do with door locks that are still of some service but not good enough to use on your new oak or hardwood door. A lot of old locks end up surplus to requirements when people get a new door, either because they no longer look the part or the homeowner upgrades to a higher spec lock.

Even if they’re not needed by the original owner these old locks can still have a useful life, so I have decided – where customers agree – to refurbish the unwanted locks from customers’ old doors and donate them to charity.

I’m a big fan of the work done by local animal charities; the dogs and cats they look after deserve a good quality of life and I know that the volunteers work their tails off for no reward, all for the love of animals. I am a soft touch when it comes to animals, so I would be delighted if we could be of any assistance.

When we install doors we provide a cart away service of the old frame and doors, usually with the old lock still attached. As the lock is no longer in use, if you are not offended and would be willing to have it donated to charity, please could you provide us with your old keys. I promise that they will go to a charity for a good cause, which will give all involved a nice sense of well-being.

I am sure we could recycle the locks for use on shed cupboards in gardens, which would be green minded and also raise a pound or two for the local charity shops to spend on whatever they need.

If you are a charity shop worker for animals and in the Essex area where we are based, we would be happy to collect a few locks and keys which we will bag or box as a set for you. It’s just a little contribution but hopefully it’s something. I think it’s a shame to see the lock go in the skip when it could be used for something else. You can reach me on 01702 421199.