Frame Security
A high quality frame is an important security consideration

Security is something we take really seriously at Best Doors Joinery. We all want our doors to look the part, but if they are not secure then they aren’t really doing the job for which they’re intended.

In my opinion, one of the main reasons for going for a bespoke hardwood frame over a flatpack alternative is security (that and to take the weight of a solid hardwood door, e.g. from the Premier Range). Any entry point of your home is only as strong as its weakest part, and in many cases that is the frame. Over the years we have seen countless cases where an intruder has forced a door and while the door itself has stood up to the test, the cheap frame it was in has given way.

Frames are part of the setup that many people do not even give a second thought to; spending a lot on an expensive door and lock, only to house it in a cheap frame. As security has increased in general, thieves have become expert at targeting the weakest link in any given scenario. Your car might have state-of-the-art alarms and immobilisers, so what does the thief do? Break into your house and steal the keys, negating all of the other security you thought was protecting you.

Car keys and other valuable are often left near the door, as people put them down when they get in. If the thief cannot reach them by reaching through the letterbox with a bent coat hanger to lift them off a hook or sideboard, the next best option is often to force the door. I would say that in 90% of cases where a door has been forced it is the frame that has given way, with a perfectly solid door sitting amongst the splintered remains of the frame.

A hardwood frame is a totally differently proposition from a cheap, softwood frame of the type you would get as a flatpack. I wouldn’t like to meet the thief who could shoulder barge his way through one of our hardwood frames.

Aside from the frame, there are other improvements to your door security that you can put in place if you are seeking peace of mind. Quality locks are one, and I myself have come up with my own design that I consider a very good improvement on dead locks. I will post a picture shortly to demonstrate, but in the meantime I will give you a brief description.

I have had a 6 mm stainless plate cut to my design and I believe it will enhance the security of any door locked in the frame. It is a longer than a standard keep by 3-fold and 50% wider, plus at least twice as deep and recessed into the frame, giving greater security against forced entry attempts. The keep being longer, thicker and wider will take a lot of force before it will give way to a forcible attempt at entry.  I intend to apply this to all my bespoke frames, as I am confident you my customers will be happy with the appearance and the knowledge that you have a bit more security added to you contemporary front door or traditional front door. For what it is going to cost I believe it will be money well spent. How much do value peace of mind and knowing you have done a little better for your family and home? I hope this new innovation will be well received and look forward to fitting the new security bar.

Thank you for reading,