Hardwood double frame
Hardwood double frame

A contemporary hardwood door is an excellent choice for security, but like any system, a door is only as strong as its weakest link.

An engineered oak door will usually resist the most determined kicks with little or no damage, but if it sits in a poor frame or uses a poor lock and / or hinges then thieves may be able to get past it easier than you think.

Door Frames

It may surprise you, but the door frame is often the part of the entrance to your home. Although it is fixed to the wall and should be secure, cheap pre-fabricated frames offer little resistance to a brute force attack.

We often have the unfortunate job of attending homes that have suffered a break-in to provide insurance companies with quotes to repair or replace the damaged doors. In the overwhelming majority of cases the locks held firm and did not snap or come out of the frame – the culprit was the frame simply splintering or snapping from the force of the attack.

A hardwood door really deserves a hardwood frame, rather than a flat pack frame which has an oak or hardwood appearance covering a softwood profile. It’s important to note that not all flat pack frames are of poor quality, but as a customer you should know what you are buying – if in doubt ask your supplier exactly what you’re getting.

The bespoke frames we supply at Best Doors Joinery are made with solid oak laminated or Sapele – a robust hardwood reminiscent of mahogany. We never use Meranti (or Shorea) – a southeast Asian hardwood – a this is of a lower grade and in our opinion not up to the mark of a quality door frame.

Using higher quality materials means that our bespoke frames are far superior for strength and security. We would also suggest that they are better in appearance, though beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

All of our bespoke doors and frames are made in our own workshop, which we invite any customers to come and have a look around. Seeing the quality of what we produce with their own eyes is the deciding factor in the sale for nine out of ten customers, as the quality speaks for itself.

Having a bespoke frame made for your door does take a little longer than going with a flat pack option, but if you have made the investment in a solid wood door then it would be a shame, both from an aesthetic and security point of view, not to fit it in the best possible frame.


Double locking night latch
Double locking night latch

As with door frames, a high quality lock is also worth the extra investment to give you maximum security.

We are often asked which locks we would recommend, e.g. a rim lock, high security double locking night latch or a five lever deadlock. The top three locks we recommend to our customers are:

1.    A high security double locking night latch with the British standard kite mark.
2.    Ingersoll locks.
3.    London Banham (these locks are priced from 1 to 3, with 1 being the cheapest, up to 3 the most expensive and best).

A 5 lever deadlock or E.R.A. are also fine choices. If using a 5 lever lock do remember to get in the habit of fully locking up every time you go out; break-ins tend to happen when you least expect them, so don’t get lazy with your security regime.

If you have any questions about locks or frames, or would like to call into our workshop for a demonstration of the different options available, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to take you through the different aspect of everything we supply and produce so that we can meet (and exceed) your requirements.