At Best Doors Joinery we are always trying to improve our products; a process that led to the development of our Premier range of contemporary oak doors in the first place, plus exclusive options such as the high security lock keep.

For some time we have been looking into an affordable flat stainless steel letter plate and back plate to as an accompaniment to our contemporary doors, and I think we may have cracked it.

The matching letter and back plates we have developed are made from 316 stainless steel and complement our oak doors perfectly (we will post a picture of them in place shortly).

Unlike a standard letter plate, ours is exceptionally flat, as it is made with no right angle bends or folds. And when we say it is flat, we mean flat.

The new plate has such a shallow profile that (should you desire) I am confident it could be fixed to the door with glue, leaving no screw holes visible. We will test this method of fixing here at Best Doors and let you know the outcome.

Should this be a satisfactory way to fit then we will do so; there are some very good adhesives out there and we already use one particular adhesive for the stainless steel inserts in the bright range, where we have had no problem whatsoever.