We, the Company (Aspen Joinery & Design Ltd), guarantee your new door (the goods) for a period not exceeding 12 calendar months from the date of purchase provided you comply fully with the Company’s recommended procedures set out below and provided also that the Company is not liable for any damage or defect resulting from wear and tear or unreasonable usage.

The Company will not guarantee any pine or redwood door against splitting, warping and/or swelling.

The Company will not guarantee, refund or exchange any goods sold as ex-display, discontinued, or special clearance.

Timber doors are conditionally guaranteed against faulty manufacture for a period of 12 calendar months, any door or component found to be faulty during this period will be replaced free of charge providing that proper treatment and weather protection have been applied in the correct quantity to protect the timber. Water-based products are not considered by the Company to be suitable for protecting exterior or interior woodwork such as doors and windows, any product treated with water-based stain or paint will not be guaranteed. The same applies to oils (e.g. Danish oil) and waxes were used externally. A “hard” finish microporous stain or vanish must be used.

Door care & Maintenance
Our doors are made from timber, which is a natural but sustainable material and is vulnerable if not protected from changes in temperature and humidity. If exposed to such extremes without suitable treatment, natural movement or distortion such as swelling, warping or splitting can and will occur.

At BD Joinery Ltd we take care to supply you with good quality doors, but once the doors have left our premises, we have no control over the conditions to which they are exposed. NO LIABILITY WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR MOISTURE RELATED PROBLEMS.

To preserve the beautiful appearance of these doors and to guarantee a long trouble-free service, it is most beneficial to provide shelter from the effects of direct sunlight and rain by insetting, or by means of a porch, canopy or similar construction.

Privacy Policy
Under no circumstances do we disclose buyers’ information to third parties. Cookies are used on this shopping site to keep track of the contents of your shopping cart once you have selected an item.

Returns Policy
The goods must be checked immediately after delivery, if the goods are found to be defective or faulty in any way you must inform us within 48 hours of delivery for a replacement. Failure to comply with this will result in goods not being returned or replaced.

Ownership of the goods remains with the Company until the purchase price of the goods has been paid in full and until payment has been made in full you hold the goods on trust for the Company who may repossess and dismantle and use or sell the Goods without any liability to you at any time until payment has been made in full. For this purpose, they may enter any premises of yours or be occupied by you.

Any door that has been incorrectly ordered by the customer and has already been either received by the customer, or is ready for despatch to the customer, and needs to be exchanged for a door of the correct size/design will be subject to a handling charge of 20% per door.

Any purpose made door or joinery item that has been incorrectly ordered by the customer and that has already been either, received by the customer, or manufactured and awaiting delivery to the customer, will be subject to payment in full.

Goods supplied correctly cannot be returned.

Delivery charges will not be refunded under any circumstances where the customer has ordered the goods incorrectly. In such cases, if an exchange of goods is required we will charge again for delivery at the full rate.

Please remember that by fitting or finishing your door or making alterations in any way, you will be deemed to have accepted the goods as supplied. Unfortunately, we cannot replace a faulty or incorrectly supplied door if ANY alterations, fitting, or finishing have been carried out.

The Company recommends the following procedures:-

The Goods are standard doors and are delivered directly to the Company from the manufacturers. They are, therefore, sold in their natural state. All surfaces, front, back all four edges and all cut-outs (letterboxes, locks etc) should be treated with a minimum of three coats of a branded paint/wood stain or similar product.
Timber is a naturally grown product and is subject to change due to differences in humidity and temperature. It is vital, therefore, that you pay particular attention to the top and bottom of the door and all end grain panels where the end grain is exposed in full and therefore, under the threat of moisture which can cause swelling, splitting and warping. The opening of joints can also occur in the most severe cases.
Locks must not be fitted on any joints as this will weaken the door and cause the joint to open!
Regular maintenance of your door should be carried out to ensure that it stays in good condition.
Description of goods
Where doors are described as Oak, Hardwood, Clear Pine, Ash or other, this refers to the types of species of timbers used for veneers, lippings and other components used to manufacture the doors. All our internal and some external doors are built of an engineered construction unless specifically stated that they are “Solid Timber”.

Images and timber colours
The images on our website are used to represent the style of the doors only. The colours of these images should not be taken as a true reflection of the doors you would get. Many of the images of doors on our website have been stained and/or vanished before the pictures were taken. The doors you will be supplied with are unfinished unless otherwise stated. Timber is a natural product and as such is liable to varying colours. This is beyond our control and while our manufacturers and supplies do endeavour to colour match each component within each door no guarantee is given that one door will be a colour match to the next door. This is an unavoidable “feature” of real timber.

Additions and alterations
Please note, any lippings or alterations with additional wood being added to existing doors cannot be guaranteed a colour match as the oak and hardwood doors which we supply are veneered and we use a solid timber to make customer adjustments, therefore there will be a different grain appearance.

The Workshop
Please note that products, prices and offers in our workshop may differ from those featured on this site.

Upon delivery of your item if the packaging looks damaged in any way it MUST be signed for as damaged. If on inspection the item is found to be faulty please contact us within 48 hours of delivery to arrange for replacement and collection.

Damaged Goods on Delivery
If your package arrives and looks like it has been damaged in any way you MUST sign for it as damaged. If the item is signed for in good condition we will NOT refund as we will be unable to make a claim with the courier.