This was initially a simple plastic door removal as we have done on many many occasions if people were aware how poorly these plastic doors are made and the lack of security they provide, well need I say more it’s quite frightening.

The customer and I did this long distance and a mistake was made in the measuring, we were short on height [not our fault, customers measurements] however we rectified it. It was also a bit narrow on the frame size, the frame needed ground beads, extensions, to thicken the frame to allow the frame to be in keeping with the plaster allowing arcs to be applied.

The job entailed a lovely unglazed hardwood 4-panel door a purpose made a frame, all glass made for us by our glazing company.
All prefinished in our workshop. Green door / white frame nice contrast. the customer was very pleased.
As usual, we applied our the BD Joinery magic, resolved the measurement problems and pulled it out of the hat. The end result was lovely.

Believe it or not, the customer never knew the extras, and BD Joinery absorbed the cost for the extra detail.
Since this job,  as a matter of caution, we allow ourselves to carry more beading and trims than normal, so as not to be caught out not getting the job finished in the proposed days. It is not a good idea to have to return the next day and not good for the customer as it may not fit in with both us and the customer’s busy schedule.

However, on many occasions we are happy to be left on our own to get on with the job and see the customer at the end, all we ask can we use the loo!

For our bespoke double glazed units we now only use Low E, soft coat finish glass, Swiss spacer bar, and Argon Gas fill as a matter of course as we recognise the customer, is now wanting better performance /insulation helping to keep household fuel bills down.