Wooden Front Doors

In the front doors trade the Front Door Shop has seen a lot of new suppliers and new ideas arrive on the scene over the years. We don’t mind progress and of course competition is good so they say, but we do see some poor quality workmanship and bad advice out there. We are then often lucky enough to get the job of replacing poor quality workmanship with a new wooden front door.

External Door Suppliers

Unfortunately these poor practices can give the door trade a bad name. We refer mainly to retail shops who display, and supply, doors purchased from manufacturers. These retail shops often quite frankly have not got a clue about the product they are selling nor do they have the experience to advise correctly. For example is the wooden door being sold made of the correct material for the location of the door in the home.

Engineered Oak Doors Protection

With any enquiry we may get re – an oak front door for example. It leads us to ask firstly what direction is your front door facing? Even at the loss of a sale I make it abundantly clear, if south facing do not buy an oak veneered door, as it will not stand up to the good old British weather.
Bright sunshine followed by excessive downpours are not good for an engineered front door. You may be lucky but our experience proves quite the contrary, your door will not last.
Our stern advice to any customer is that if you have no porch or at least a good depth canopy then be advised don’t have an engineered oak door. We are so concerned with this that we have notices in our doors that are wrapped in cellophane and cardboard box in capital letters [NO PORCH NO CANOPY NO GUARANTEE ] 
We make it quite clear on this point but customers do sometimes insist oh!, we get shelter from the garage the plants /trees. Then our next line is buyer beware, as we will not accept any responsibility for any problem that may arise further down the line.
However if you comply with a porch or canopy with a good overhang then no problem if the door goes wrong we will replace free of charge door only no labour to rehang. 
This sound rather rough, but these are the guide lines we get from the suppliers / manufacturers. Unfortunately we the retailers are used as shields for the manufacturer who will not deal with the end user / customer so we have to take the flack this is why we are clear with our advice on sales so there can be no mistake in communication.

Hardwood Front Doors

This is where the start of our blog comes full circle with new shops / salesmen who have not got the experience to ask the serious questions like where is the front door going. 
We look after our customers and in our opinion if the customer is not given the proper advise then it is shoddy sales in my opinion so buyer be aware. Some of the front door websites don’t even have a facility to show a door or even the door handle they are using. They are drop shipping therefore the sales people don’t lay a hand on the front door. Its their goal to look to be the cheapest front door sales on the internet. 
As you can tell we are a little hacked off with this side of the industry. Selling a front door with no experience to get your hard earned buck , with no great knowledge of what they are selling. You may, as the customer think you are getting the best or cheapest deal but are you really? You may have a good experience and a nice new front door, jolly good luck to you. Surely though you would like the correct advice that what you are purchasing is of the quality required for your home front doors. Is it the correct make up, should it be a solid bespoke engineered door or should you be advised to have a hardwood front door which is more robust if engineered, more on this next blog thank you for reading this I hope it helps.
If you want any further advice on the above or prices for our bespoke front doors do not hesitate to call The Front Door Shop on 01702 421799 or contact us HERE.