You think we have it wrong but I assure you our findings are correct. It seems our order book is swinging back in favour of traditional front doors.
Old favourite front doors such as the ESTATE CROWN, PAT 30, 30s TUSCANY, LONDON 4 PANEL, LONDON 6 PANEL, THE DERBY and the KNIGHTSBRIDGE or CHELSEA   Just to mention a few.
I myself don’t mind what doors I have to produce as I have said in my previous blogs that I am lucky as I am doing something I enjoy. However, I must say I do have a leaning toward traditional front doors. I enjoy the process, and its a good looking job which gives me a good sense of achievement.
I see the benefits of solid wood traditional doors in terms of longevity for one. It is also impressive to have a purpose made front door or back door for that matter as I often make a One XG.
I advise my customers to go the extra mile and have their new front door made as a 54 mm thick compared to the standard 44 mm thick, what a difference this makes.
We all value better security, better appearance, better feel, you know when the door is closed you can feel the difference [ big boy sumo weight ] (also heavy weight on my back, but no complaints here.)
You get what you pay for, and I think it’s a well worth the extra mile to go.
I do know that the traditional doors off the shelf ready to go are also good value, and provide a lovely front door, once again it’s my normal whinge that you must look after the doors. Maintenance every time, they will provide you with very good service if you look after them.
There are products that are very good for UV protection, very important quality to have in the product you use to protect any wooden front door or your garden furniture.
The companies who provide ready to go doors do differ, some are better than others as I have worked on most and I think I know what’s best but in saying that they all have one thing in common they all veneer their doors, and that’s why you must look after the door you purchase. In particular, if the door is being bashed by all manner of weathers, rain hail or snow, cold, hot the poor front door it takes all the brunt of what the weather can throw at it so maintain and care for your door.
When I have had an experience of having to look at a door gone wrong, pound to a penny it has not been treated properly I find more often than not the bottom of the door has had no stain/sealant to prevent moisture from ingress, as soon as this happens you will be lucky to save the door.
I try to improve on any door I sell. When we fit the traditional front doors to the frame invariably the door has to be reduced or extended and this is something I have to do very often. With reduction or extension, I replace the bottom of the door with a solid lip, by some 15/20 mm. This is glued to the bottom of the door full width not that any customers notice. However, it increases the door’s resistance to water ingress, full length and the timber I have full-length grain, therefore, no exposure. Of the styles which are open end grain if not treated will break down very quickly.
I am always happy to provide a quality service and give you a quality front door. When it arrives and it looks nice more than nice, remember the treatment we have given is only short lived you need to keep it maintained. If you want the look then you have to give the required treatment, again I am often asked how long will it last my reply is always, it depends on how well will you look after it.
thanks for reading.