UPVC vs Wooden Front Doors

The cost: Bespoke doors may be a bit more to purchase than UPVC doors however the return is worth every penny.

More often than not, I remove UPVC doors that have deteriorated far quicker than you would expect from plastic (UPVC)

Under sun and heat, the doors distort which give problems with closing the door properly and this creates not only a problem locking the door, it also creates areas of draft.

To be honest, not all doors have been like this however regardless if the old front door was good bad or ugly, when customers see there new bespoke wooden door, they can not believe how much nicer it feels, how sturdy it is and of course, how appealing to the eye it is.

So for me and my customers, a wooden, handmade bespoke door are a winner.

Please read some of my customers’ testimonials after we installed their new wooded oak or hardwood front door.

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