West Malling KentBd joinery did this job for a customer in West Malling in Kent, unfortunately we didn’t take any before shots.
This job in particular was difficult but we took the job on and it turned out to be a great success.

The problem we had was we could not remove the frame to replace with another solid oak frame which we would normally do.

We had to work with the existing door frame made in aluminium, which was part of the complete frontage of the home and was integrated with the cladding and timber frame. What a splendid home and the customer was exceptionally proud of it.

I myself take some impressing as I have been in the industry a long time, well travelled and seen lovely breathtaking homes over the years.

This home was no exception inside and outside the house was five star plus and we were very proud to be involved in giving the house a spruce up.
The owners were very switched on and presented the home beautifully.

We removed two 6 panel doors which had gone past their sell by date. The customer was rather forward thinking and had the courage to go a little more contemporary with the door frontage and of course B.D.Joinery fitted the bill and provided what you can see.

The job involved removal of the doors and door liner and reuse the threshold on the frame, as this couldn’t be removed as this was concreted in the frontage and was too tricky to remove.

We in fact used a liner we made in-house [thicker than a standard] to allow us to progress with as wide as possible door opening this was made very clear in discussion with the customer and we complied.

If you look at the pictures of the doors and the threshold it will demonstrate what we have achieved.

The end result of the door pair which were from our Contemporary Premier Range of oak doors was in fact two single made doors rebated and made into a door pair.

The doors in the Premier Range allow us to do this with no problems as both sides are 20 mm solid oak and not the usual 12 mm edging as on most manufactured doors made by others to make a door pair you really need to rebate 13 mm.

We hope you like what you see but allows to see that we can overcome most door issues and lets you the customer see what is available.