Customer service is very important to us at Best Doors; we always try our utmost to give customers the best possible quality and the kind of service that we ourselves would hope for when buying something. However, occasionally the delivery schedule of doors may vary by a few days due to factors beyond our control.

We recently had a customer who was unhappy that a door did not arrive on the originally estimated delivery date. The gentleman in question had apparently arranged for a carpenter to attend on the estimated delivery day and complained that he had to pay the carpenter a day’s money despite the door not being available to be fitted.

Firstly, please do not organise for a carpenter to be on site to fit a door or door frame that is not already in your possession. We can not accept any loss or inconvenience in these cases.

While we do sympathise, the variability of delivery schedules and supplier timescales means that delivery may not always occur on the estimated date. Different suppliers have different order cut-off times and internal systems – for example, one of our suppliers cut-off day is Tuesday 12.00 noon. Should you order the door you would like on Tuesday later than 1200 noon, the order will not be processed until the following week, arriving at Best Doors the following week.

Our Sage order form gives an indication that the door will be processed within a 10 day period, this is only a guide and not an exact science – due to a host of factors it can sometimes be slightly later.

Once again, please do not “put the cart in front of the horse” and arrange for fitting before you have the door, as it could create an unnecessary upset. Always wait until you have the door in your possession.